What is Lax Dip?

The original powdered dye formulated specifically for dyeing plastic lacrosse heads. 

Why LaxDip? 

  • A huge selection of 40 bold colors
  • Bold colors in just seconds
  • Our Jet Black is true black. Not purple.
  • Neon green and neon pink with true florescents, so bright that your computer screen can't replicate their true effect. You have to see it with your eyes!
  • Fast, easy, and safe. No harmful acids. 
  • Mix for custom colors!
  • For lacrosse players by lacrosse players. 

What are people saying about LaxDip?



What are you waiting for? Try this dye at laxdip.com. #seethedifference ?/?: @cardinallacrosse

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Who is behind this?

Our founder Doug lives in the country north of Baltimore. A lifelong lacrosse player and art lover, he created a dye company with the player in mind. Lax Dip is formulated specifically for the plastic in modern lacrosse heads. Shoot him a note on Instagram at @laxdipdye.

Who trusts LaxDip? May I see their work using the product?

 Check out examples from the LaxDip Pro Team here