Faceoff heads and next generation lax head plastic Our orginal-formula Single Shot dye doesnt take well on faceoff heads and heads with similar plastic (e.g. STX Omega, ECD DNA, ECD Weapon X). For these heads, we recommend LaxDip Pro dye

 Dye Bath Time  Fire Red Golden Yellow Brilliant Blue
10 sec.
30 sec.
1 min.
2 min.
5 min.
String King Mark 1 in the three primary colors at increasing dye bath times. Results may vary. 
Safety first: Make sure a responsible adult is supervising. The powder may irritate skin and eyes, so protect your eyes, mouth, nose, and hands with gloves and a suitable mask. Use tongs because you're working with hot water. Keep out of reach of children. Last, be sure to check your equipment's warranty before dyeing. 

How to Dye with LaxDip:

LaxDip changed from jars/citric acid to super-easy Single Shot packs. If you have the jars or bulk, click here


Single Shot Instructions:

  1. Bring 2 gallons (7 liters) of water to a very light boil and keep it at this temperature the entire process (at least 212F/100C). Don't get it too far above boil or you will melt your lacrosse head and that's no fun. 

    If you're using less water and a smaller pot, be sure to mix up your single shot well and use proportionally less dye mix. 

  2. Slowly and carefully add the LaxDip Single Shot packet to the dye bath. Stir with tongs until it's evenly distributed. 
  1. Add the lacrosse head to dye bath using tongs. The water is hot, so be careful. Leave it in the bath the dye bath until the desired shade is achieved. It will take just a few minutes for a deep color. See table above to see how time in the bath effects the dye.  
    1. Carefully remove the lacrosse head from the hot dye bath with tongs. Rinse the plastic in warm water to remove excess dye from the surface. Let the dye bath cool to room temperature before handling it. 

    2. Once cool, the dye bath may be saved and reused, or poured down the drain. The dye itself may fall out of solution, but it can be re-dissolved with a little heat.


      • It's very important that you keep this ratio of water-to-powder. If you use too little or too much water relative to the Single Shot pack, the pH will be off and you will get an undesirable color shift. 
        • There is a proper order for overlapping colors.
          • Use a color wheel to help you combine LaxDip shades to make your own custom colors
            • Our pros use tupperware and other plastic air-tight vessels to keep their dye for future use(s). Don't use metal containers because the acid in the dye bath will corrode them over time. And your mom will be so mad!