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What is LaxDip?

Welcome to LaxDip: The only dye formulated specifically for plastic lacrosse heads. We offer 40 bold colors that you can permanently dye into your lacrosse heads, including a Jet Black, Neon Volt, and Neon Pink. You can learn more about the people and product here. Learn how to dye your head here on our Instructions page

Don't want to do it yourself? You can buy lacrosse heads dyed by the pros here

What are the instructions?

You can find the instructions here

How much dye do I need?

You can find the instructions here. With our Single Shots, you only need the one packet per color. It's super easy!

Keep in mind the dyes are made of different earth elements; therefore, they have different densities. This explains why some colors seem to have different amounts than others.

Color questions

  • Custom colors
  • Why does my powder look unlike the color I want?
  • Help! My dye color does not look as bold as advertised!
  • Can I dye over another color?

    Custom Colors

    Use the color chart on the instructions page as a guide. For examples of real-world color examples, check out our ever-growing Instagram page with examples from the best dyers around. You can also mix colors to achieve an infinite amount of new colors.   

  • How do I achieve the American Flag red and blue? 

    • Fire Red and Brilliant Blue are your best bets

    The Canadian flag red, eh?

    • Fire Red or Crimson are common favorites 

    How do I achieve a Carolina blue? 

    • We recommend Brilliant Blue with a very short time in the dye bath. Keep checking the head every few seconds in the dye bath and remove when the desired color is created
  • What about ND Gold?
  • Dye your head Kelly Green. Once dry, in a separate dye bath, dye over it with Chestnut for just a few seconds. Check every few seconds until you have your desired color. 

    • ROYGBIV Colors

    • What are the best bets for ROYGBIV colors?

    • ROYGBIV Standard Colors Guide

          • ROYGBIV Standard Colors Guide

            • Red: Fire Red
            • Orange: Deep orange
            • Yellow: Sun Yellow
            • Green: Emerald (note: Kelly Green is an intense neon green and Emerald is your standard green)
            • Blue: Brilliant Blue 
            • Indigo: Sapphire
            • Violet: Violet (we also sell a "Purple" as well if you're looking for a standard purple)

            Why does my powder look unlike the color I want?

            Fear not, my friend. Once you remove your head from the dye bath (using tongs because it's hot water, mind you!), you'll see the bold colors of LaxDip! The powders often do not look like their final colors. 

          • Help! My dye color does not look as bold as advertised!

            Nearly every one of these issues is because the user did not follow the instructions carefully. Most common is the ratio of water to acid is off (used too much water or too little water). Please read our instructions carefully

          • Warrior/Brine Lacrosse Head Issues (this warning is also on the instructions page):
            There are reported dye issues with Warrior Blade, Warrior Noz 2Brine Dictator, Brine Clutch, most mini sticks (any brand), and Under Armour starter heads since they are made from different material from most other lacrosse heads on the market. This includes the dye not taking as well as fading prematurely. This may apply to other Warrior and Brine products, so dye at your own risk. Again, be sure to check your manufacturer's warranty before dyeing as well.